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Diabetes Management

A bespoke plan designed by our diabetes management expert to help you manage the blood sugar levels through close monitoring and reverse diabetes if possible.

4 consults

(1-2 Months) 

8 consults

(4-6 Months )

12 consults

(6-8 Months)

16 consults

(10-12 Months)

Ideal For

Individuals who are aiming at managing and / or reversing diabetes (if possible) by controlling their blood sugars through right food and good nutrition. 

Key Highlights
  • One On One Consultation for 45-60 Minutes at the First Visit (Online or Offline)

  • Once in 15-20days Email / Phone Call / Video Call / Skype Calls / WhatsApp Interactions

  • WhatsApp / Message Support Throughout the Week

  • Customized Diet Plans

  • Dietary Support for Ailments Like  PCOS, High BP, Thyroid Disorder, Cholesterol, Gastric Problems, etc., if required. 

  • Blood Report Analysis & Medical Guidance

  • Personalized Workout Guide

  • Vitamin Check

  • Diet Diary

  • Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

  • Travel Tips

  • Healthy & Balanced Dining Guide

  • Invaluable Anti-Ageing Tips for Skin & Hair Care

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