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Name: Mrs. Neeta

Age- 49 yrs

Total Weight Loss- 11.5 kgs

My experience was amazing! Before meeting Urvi I thought I will not be able to reduce weight but I never thought weight loss was so very easy. Without doing exercise daily, eating whole course meals, eating outside with little restriction, and never ever starving or feeling hungry I still managed to reduce 11.5kgs in 4months. She also helped me manage my blood pressure levels to the optimum. I really recommend everyone who has more fat in the body to meet Urvi Satra, she not only helps in reducing weight but also manages your health to the optimum and helps to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Vishal After.jpg

Name: Mr. Vishal Agarwal

Age- 47 yrs

Total Weight Loss-4.5 kgs

Total Inch Loss- 8.2"

I lost about 4.5 kgs weight and a good amount of inches in 2 months program. And the best part of this diet program was that I felt energetic throughout the program.

My bloating, acidity, and gas were reduced to a large extent.

Thank you Urvi!


It was a superb journey. I've been wanting to lose weight and inches for such a long time and Dr. Urvi helped me to lose a total of 11.3 inches and my weight reduced by almost 4 kgs in 2 months. The diet also helped me to stay fit, feel healthy and energetic, and also increased my height by 3.5 cms. I would surely recommend her to everyone.

Name: Ms. Zeal Waghela

Age- 17 yrs

Total Weight Loss- 3.7 kgs

Total Inch Loss- 11.3"

Total Height Gained- 3.5 cms

Pranali A.jpeg

Name: Mrs. Pranali

Age- 31 yrs

Total Weight Loss-10.1 kgs

Total Fat Loss- 4.5 %

Total Inch Loss- 10.5"

I had the best time losing weight, learning so much about nutrition, and transforming my lifestyle completely here at Nourish To Fit! Under the Guidance of Urvi, for the first time in my life, I've felt so good about food and life in general. I have lost about 10.1kgs in 3 months and have never looked and felt better. Thanks to Urvi for making this journey so easy and wonderful and the best part is, in terms of the diet plan it was so easy to get it into place without any fancy food items, just regular food in particular quantities.


It has been a great experience. Urvi is very diligent with her work and takes a deep interest in resolving all the issues at hand. Overall I dropped 25.3inches with a good amount of fat & weight.

Name: Ms. Gautam

Age- 28 yrs

Total Weight Loss- 6.5 kgs

Total Inch Loss- 25.3"

Urvi, helped me to reduce a lot of inches and weight. She molded my lifestyle by teaching me the art of eating right. It was a wonderful experience with her and her portion-controlled food. She always added food items that I normally eat and no fancy food despite which I lost so much is just fabulous.

Thank you Urvi for a wonderful health journey.


Name: Mrs. Bindu

Age- 31 yrs

Total Weight Loss- 3.3 kgs

Total Fat Loss- 1.2 %

Total Inch Loss- 4.5"


Name: Mrs. Agrawal

Age- 44 yrs

Total Weight Loss- 2.6 kgs

Total Inch Loss- 9.5"

Thanks so much, Urvi for helping me in my weight loss journey. I am eating everything I like which is the best part of your diet plan.  Just a portion control that you taught me in the last month worked wonders. My knee pain, leg pain, gas, constipation, dry mouth, dry skin, and bloating were resolved completely. In a month I lost 2.6 kgs and icing on the cake is my inch loss especially on hips which is really difficult. My total inch loss is 9.5inches. I am a big foodie so I never thought I can lose weight. My body feels so light and active. All credit goes to you. You are truly awesome!

Name: Mrs. Qazi

Age- 41 yrs

Total Weight Loss- 7.3 kgs

Total Inch Loss- 36.5"

Thank you so much Urvi, it was a great weight loss journey. I lost 7.3kg and a total inch loss of 36.5 inches in 3 months. My major concern was belly fat which has reduced now without putting much effort and by just following a normal diet plan. Before joining Nourish To Fit I thought I can never lose weight but you made it so easy and motivated me for light exercise which has become a part of my daily routine now, I feel more energetic, confident, and healthy. Thank you once again and I recommend everyone to join Nourish To Fit for a healthy lifestyle.

Neelam B.jpeg

It was a great experience as Urvi helped me eat healthily as well as not stop me from eating outside food. She was always a call or a message away whenever I needed her assistance. She gave me alternative options which made it, even more, easier to follow the diet and get a healthy lifestyle. My knee pain and hairfall had reduced quite a lot.

Name: Mrs. Neelam

Age- 42 yrs

Total Weight Loss- 2.2 kgs

Total Fat Loss- 5.8 %

Total Inch Loss- 10"

Urvi, it was a good experience. I lost a lot in inches though not so much in weight. My energy level was always high and I did not starve. My menopause symptoms have improved quite a lot which is the best part.


Name: Mrs. Agarwal

Age- 52 yrs

Total Weight Loss- 1.6 kgs

Total Inch Loss- 5.5"


It was an amazing experience. Urvi helped me lose my belly fat and a lot of inches by eating healthily. She never stopped me from eating outside meals. And considering the COVID-19 she guided me with my indoor exercise regime as well.

Name: Sania

Age- 26 yrs

Total Weight Loss- 1.5 kgs

Total Inch Loss- 5.6"

When I joined Nourish To Fit, I was a bit skeptical about whether I'll be able to lose inches just on my belly without losing weight as I have PCOS and other health issues. And I was surprised by the difference I found in a week by eating everything & not starving. In 2months I lost 5inches by following this wonderful diet and exercise regime recommended by Urvi. Despite my hectic schedule, she guided me with the exercises that I could squeeze in without hitting the gym which was the best. She also considered my health issues constipation, acidity & backache and resolved them. Thank you Urvi for helping me achieve my goals in a healthy way. Urvi you are amazing!


Name: Aasawari

Age- 21 yrs

Total Inch Loss- 5"

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