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Sports Nutrition

A bespoke plan designed for athletes to meet their nutrition requirements based on the type of sport to achieve optimum goals.

4 consults

(2 Months)

8 consults

(6 Months)

12 consults

(8 Months)

16 Consults

(12 Months)

Ideal For

Individuals who are into some form of sport and want to build muscle, increase stamina, improve performance by meeting their nutrition requirement through the right food, and good nutrition. This program involves working on nutritious, highly customized diet plans designed based on the type, intensity, duration, and frequency of the training to achieve optimum goals.

Key Highlights
  • One On One Consultation for 45-60 Minutes at the First Visit (Online or Offline)

  • Once in 15days Email / Phone Call / Video Call / Skype Calls / WhatsApp Interactions

  • WhatsApp / Message Support Throughout the Week

  • Customized Diet Plans

  • Dietary Support for Ailments Like Diabetes, PCOS, Insulin Resistance, High BP, Thyroid Disorder, Cholesterol, Gastric Problems, etc., if required. 

  • Blood Report Analysis & Medical Guidance

  • Personalized Workout Guide

  • Vitamin Check

  • Diet Diary

  • Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

  • Healthy Dining Guide

  • Invaluable Anti-Ageing Tips for Skin & Hair Care

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