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Metabolism is a term that describes all the chemical reactions in your body that keep your body alive and functioning.

It's responsible for converting nutrients from the foods you eat into fuel. This provides your body with the energy it needs to breathe, move, digest food, circulate blood, and repair damaged tissues and cells.

However, the word “metabolism” is often used to describe your basal metabolic rate, or the number of calories you burn at rest. As we age our metabolism tends to go down. Simple reason we eat more and workout less.

Here are few tips to kick-start your metabolism:

1. Start your day with exercise- When you start your day with exercise, you speed up your metabolism, burn more calories and make healthier choices throughout the day. Being lazy and not exercising leads to cravings for fatty and sugary snacks throughout the day to boost your energy levels. Start your day right and you'll set the tone for the rest of your day.

2. Drink water and flush toxins- Kidneys help in flushing out the toxins from the body & boost your metabolism. In order to get this benefit you need to drink 1-2 glasses of water in the morning before you start your day at work (need not necessarily be on an empty stomach). You should also keep sipping on water throughout the day, and meet your daily water requirements.

3. Stand up more- Sitting too much can have negative effects on your health. This is partly because long periods of sitting burns fewer calories and can lead to weight gain. Try standing up or take walks regularly.

4. Start your day with a positive attitude- helps you accomplish more tasks throughout the day and reduces your stress. So be more happy and positive and you'll certainly reach your health and fitness goals.

5. Stretch your muscles- helps you get relaxed after a workout or stressful job. Take deep breaths for couple of times, stretch your arms above the head and do a few arm circles to tone your shoulders and to release tension in them.

6. Get a good night's sleep- Lack of sleep can decrease the number of calories you burn, change the way you process sugar, and disrupt your appetite-regulating hormones. If you are sleep-deprived you'll feel hungry and may have difficulty in losing weight when weight loss is your goal. Hence good sleep is a must

While the above article guides you to eating healthier, there is no substitute for customized professional advice given by a qualified nutritionist. We urge you to speak to your personal dietitian or if you need help, contact our nutritionist at Nourish To Fit. You can contact us at +91-9702817217 to Book An Appointment.


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