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Mistakes Committed For Losing Weight!

Now-a-days health and fitness has taken the first seat and people are becoming more and more concerned about their health and unknowingly they tend to commit mistakes in a craze to lose weight and get in shape or for their desire to become zero size.

Fasting- People usually think that fasting will help them lose weight but no it’s a myth! Fasting allows you to temporarily lose weight as your body doesn't get energy from the food so it starts using your body stores. But fasting for a longer duration has adverse health effects like ketone body formation, muscle breakdown, headache and migraine to name a few. And once you start eating your food is converted into fat and is stored in the body thereby, making you gain back double the weight.

Skipping Meals- Everyone thinks skipping meals is an easy way out to lose weight. But, let me tell you by skipping a meal you tend to feel hungrier for the next meal and eat more than what you usually eat thereby making you gain weight. So, if you want to lose weight have small frequent meals rather than skipping one. And by small frequent meals I mean having 3 major meals i.e. breakfast, lunch & dinner and 2-3 small meals i.e. mid-morning & afternoon snacks. In these meals you must remember to include more fibre rich foods like, whole wheat, oats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. as they are satiating. Only Fruits and Salads Diet- One of the most common diet followed is the fruit & salad/ soup diet. Commonly termed as Crash Diet! Do you think this is the best way to lose weight? WRONG! By going on such diet, you not only tend to eliminate the important food groups which provides energy for the normal functioning of your brain and body but also put your health at more risk by devoiding your body of the proteins & micro-nutrients present in them. This will further lead to muscle deterioration and decrease your immunity thereby, making one more prone to infection.

No Carbs- Now you might be thinking this works, best right? Yes, for some it may help if done under expert guidance for a shorter duration. As we all know that carbs are an important source of energy to maintain normal bodily functions. Also, they are a good source of B-complex vitamins and proteins. By eliminating this food group, you are not only losing out on the energy & proteins but also the B-complex vitamins present in them further leading to vitamin deficiencies.

Excessive Exercise- One must include 45-60 mins of activity in a day. However, going over bored on activity like increasing the duration or type or repetitions of exercise will just break down your muscle and gives you more pain and muscle soreness. It only increases your craving for more food, thereby leading to weight gain and nothing else. So, on a regular basis one must include some activity like walking, jogging, swimming, or play some sport. In addition, you must stay active throughout the day.

By now you would be thinking which is the best diet for weight loss? Here is your answer! Eat small frequent meals.

**DISCLAIMERS** If you have any kind of allergies or health problems like diabetes, cardiac problems, etc. consult a doctor and a qualified dietitian before starting any kind of diet.

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