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Tortilla Wrap

Serves: 1

Serving Size: 2 wraps


  • 2 roti (6-7" diameter)

  • 4tbsp mix bell peppers (green, yellow, red)

  • 1/4th cup purple cabbage, shredded

  • 1/4th cup carrot, juliennes

  • 1/2 slice of cheese

  • 1/4th tsp peri-peri sauce (veeba)

  • 1/4th tsp red chili sauce

  • 2 tbsp green chutney

  • 1/4th tsp oil


  • Heat oil in a pan. Add bell pepper & sauté them on low heat.

  • Take 1 roti and slit it from centre to one end to fold into 4 parts.

  • On 1/4th section apply green chutney.

  • On second 1/4th section (adjacent to the previous one) add saluted bell pepper.

  • On third 1/4th section (adjacent to the previous one) add carrot & purple cabbage.

  • Last section add cheese.

  • Spread peri peri sauce & red chilli sauce on all four sections.

  • Start folding from the cut end & continue till you get a wrap as shone in the image above.

  • Roast it on both sides on a pan on low heat for few seconds & serve hot.


We have used cheese for kids. You can replace it with paneer (3-4 cubes of paneer, thinly sliced)


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